Name Description Last updated
Quiet Voice at School Quiet Voice Social Story 3/9/2018 3:07:24 PM
Break please! I am feeling... A way for children to explain their behaviour based on their current emotions. 11/7/2016 10:18:07 PM
Class labels Images to use for class labels. 11/7/2016 10:18:21 PM
Emotion Widget Signs 2/1/2017 8:05:52 PM
Brain Gym Starter Activities Brain Gym Starter activities to give children a quick brain break during lessons 3/9/2018 3:13:00 PM
Brain Breaks - Activities Short activities to use for a brain break within lessons 3/9/2018 3:16:30 PM
All about me poem template Poem scaffold to support 'All about me' topic 3/9/2018 4:10:41 PM
I am awesome poem I am awesome poem to go with 'All about me' topic work 3/9/2018 4:15:23 PM
All about me Star template All about me star template - great for displays 3/9/2018 4:22:49 PM
Anger Thermometer Visual aid to show different levels of anger 3/9/2018 4:26:22 PM
Angry Volcano Worksheet Angry volcano worksheet to support how to deal with anger 3/9/2018 4:28:53 PM
Anger is bright red poem Poem describing what anger is like 3/9/2018 4:31:20 PM
Anger Chart Anger chart to support children to recognise their anger triggers and strategies to help them calm down 3/9/2018 5:07:45 PM
Calmly Snail Calmly Snail - a story on ways to calm down when you feel angry 3/9/2018 5:48:18 PM
What happens to your body poster A poster to show what happens to your body when you feel angry 3/9/2018 5:53:52 PM
Busy bag How to make a busy bag for children to use when they feel angry 3/9/2018 7:02:48 PM
Busy bag 2 More ideas for a busy bag to help children cope with difficult emotions 3/9/2018 7:34:47 PM
Angry Birds Booklet Angry Birds booklet - children can use the book to support them when they feel angry 3/9/2018 7:46:01 PM
Anger Map Create a map of your anger - What do you say? How do you behave? 3/9/2018 7:50:44 PM
How big is your anger? Worksheet to put into perspective how big the child's anger problems are 3/9/2018 8:19:50 PM
Snap out of it How to deal with negative thought patterns 3/9/2018 8:21:56 PM
Anger activities Range of different activities for children to support dealing with anger 3/9/2018 8:25:36 PM
M and M anger game M and M anger game - pick different coloured sweet and say a time you felt that emotion 3/9/2018 8:28:47 PM
What is anger? What is anger? Powerpoint discusses what is anger and links with anger balloon lesson resources 3/9/2018 8:35:59 PM
Angry Balloon Lesson Lesson about anger using a balloon as a visual to letting go of your anger 3/9/2018 8:42:53 PM
Stages of anger Visual worksheet that talks through the stages of anger 3/9/2018 8:57:07 PM
What would you do? Different scenarios to discuss with children, how would they react in each situation? 3/9/2018 9:04:52 PM
Managing Anger A powerpoint on managing anger - most suited to KS2 children 3/9/2018 9:13:29 PM
Angry Story Template Children can create their own anger story using this template 3/9/2018 9:18:48 PM
The day Jace Kelly popped Story about a child exploding with anger (other resources available to support this lesson) 3/9/2018 9:23:08 PM
Jace Kelly Lesson Jace Kelly Lesson resources 3/9/2018 9:41:33 PM
How to be a star student booklet Editable booklet on how to be a star student 3/9/2018 9:47:59 PM
Cool-down Flower A flower template to help children think of ways to cool down when they feel angry 3/9/2018 9:55:55 PM
100 Art Therapy Activities Different Art Therapy activities to do within the classroom or at home 3/9/2018 10:02:43 PM
Attachment Disorder Booklet A booklet providing information on the different types of Attachment Disorders 3/9/2018 10:33:06 PM
Attachment Disorder Difficulties Attachment Disorder Difficulties powerpoint 3/9/2018 10:35:56 PM
Attachment Disorders Checklist Checklist for Attachment Disorders 3/9/2018 10:39:02 PM
CAMHS Referral Checklist CAMHS Referral checklist for Attachment Disorders 3/9/2018 10:45:39 PM
Behaviour conversations A behaviour conversations powerpoint with visual tools 3/10/2018 9:02:20 PM
Behaviour Reflection Sheet Behaviour reflection sheet - great to use with children to go through why they behaved in a certain way and ways to deal with this situation next time 3/10/2018 9:11:20 PM
10 reasons why you should follow up incidents personally 3/10/2018 9:15:58 PM
Peaceful problem solving Peaceful problem solving script to use with confrontation 3/10/2018 9:18:34 PM
Managing behaviour positively Advice on how to manage behaviour positively to reduce exclusions 3/10/2018 9:23:28 PM
Memorial puzzle and goodbye letter template Resources to support children with bereavement 3/10/2018 9:36:17 PM
Inside out themed bereavement activities Activities to support children dealing with grief based on the topic 'Inside out' 3/10/2018 9:39:32 PM
Memory Projector Worksheet to support children dealing with grief 3/10/2018 9:42:28 PM
Class signs Visual signs to put around different areas of the classroom 3/10/2018 9:45:05 PM
PECs Signs PECs signs for a visual timetable or keyring to support children with Autism 3/10/2018 9:49:28 PM
Visual approaches to aid communication Powerpoint with information on visual approaches to support communication 3/10/2018 9:53:35 PM
Class signs in sign language Class signs in sign language to put around the classroom 3/10/2018 10:00:34 PM
Small blank clocks Small blank clocks for visual timetable 3/10/2018 10:15:06 PM
Widgit Class Labels Widgit labels for the classroom 3/10/2018 10:17:39 PM
Inside out diary worksheet Inside out feelings worksheet 3/10/2018 10:40:46 PM
Head outline template Children use the head outline to write what all the feelings they feel inside them 3/10/2018 10:44:21 PM
Apricot Bars Cooking Instructions Cooking instructions with Widgit symbols to make Apricot bars 3/11/2018 7:51:05 PM
Cheese Scones Cooking Instructions Instructions on how to cook cheese scones with Widgit symbols 3/11/2018 7:53:47 PM
Quiche Cooking Instructions Cooking instructions with Widgit symbols to make a Quiche 3/11/2018 7:57:37 PM
Malty Fruit Buns Cooking Instructions Cooking instructions with Widgit symbols for malty fruit buns 3/11/2018 8:00:37 PM
Scrambled egg Visual instructions on how to make scrambled eggs 3/11/2018 8:05:36 PM
Dyslexia Style Guide A guide on how to support children with Dyslexia 3/11/2018 8:10:16 PM
Dyslexia poster Dyslexia poster for the classroom 3/11/2018 8:29:51 PM
Indications of Dyslexia in the classroom Indications of how to spot children with Dyslexia in your classroom and how to support them 3/11/2018 8:35:36 PM
Supportive Classrooms How to support children with SEND within the classroom 3/11/2018 8:49:08 PM
Alternatives to said wheel Alternatives to said wheel in Dyslexic friendly font 3/11/2018 9:00:56 PM
Alternatives to went wheel Alternatives to went wheel in Dyslexic friendly font 3/11/2018 9:08:10 PM
Alternative to saw wheel Alternatives to saw wheel in Dyslexic friendly font 3/11/2018 9:15:42 PM
b and d reversal visual support A visual resource to support children who reverse the letters b and d 3/11/2018 9:25:55 PM
Double sided code chart Visual support with Dyslexic friendly font 3/11/2018 9:39:20 PM
hard c and soft c visual support Visual resource to support in Dyslexic friendly font 3/11/2018 9:43:50 PM
Prefixes and Suffixes Visual support for teaching/learning prefixes and suffixes 3/11/2018 9:49:35 PM
Spelling Visual supports Spelling visual supports for there, where and here 3/11/2018 9:55:18 PM
Spelling rules set 1 Spelling rules visual support 3/11/2018 10:00:45 PM
Spelling rules set 2 Visual resource to support learning spellings 3/11/2018 10:13:44 PM
High Frequency Words High frequency words powerpoint 3/11/2018 10:17:34 PM
EAL Visual Timetable Visual timetable to support children with EAL 3/11/2018 10:21:10 PM
Eating Disorders Booklet Information on eating disorders from CAMHs 3/12/2018 6:46:08 AM
Eating Disorders CAMHs referral Information on eating disorders and when to refer a child to CAMHs 3/12/2018 7:02:18 AM
Changing negative thought patterns ELSA lesson plan Lesson plan on changing negative thought patterns 3/12/2018 1:43:14 PM
Changing negative thought patterns ELSA lesson 2 Lesson 2 on changing negative thought patterns 3/12/2018 1:52:17 PM
Changing negative thought patterns ELSA lesson 3 Lesson 3 on changing negative thought patterns 3/12/2018 1:56:18 PM
Changing negative thought patterns ELSA lesson 4 Lesson 4 on changing negative thought patterns 3/12/2018 2:04:48 PM
Changing negative thought patterns ELSA lesson 5 Lesson 5 on changing negative thought patterns 3/12/2018 2:27:23 PM
Changing negative thought patterns ELSA lesson 6 Lesson 6 on changing negative thought patterns 3/12/2018 2:31:44 PM
Negative thought chart Resources to support changing negative thought patterns lessons 3/12/2018 2:40:35 PM
How to change a negative thought Resource to support changing negative thoughts 3/12/2018 2:58:05 PM
How would my life improve if I didn't have negative thoughts? Resource sheet to support changing negative thoughts lessons 3/12/2018 3:00:58 PM
Changing negative thoughts evaluation sheet Resource sheet to support children to evaluate how they changed their negative thought patterns 3/12/2018 3:04:32 PM
Canoe Story Canoe story to support lesson 3 changing negative thought patterns 3/12/2018 3:07:23 PM
Lesson 1 negative thoughts worksheet Negative thoughts worksheet to support lesson 1 3/12/2018 3:09:42 PM
Minions feelings fan 3/12/2018 3:12:51 PM
Minions feelings sort activity 3/12/2018 3:16:00 PM
Minions feelings chart How do you feel today? Minions themed feelings chart 3/12/2018 3:18:44 PM
Feelings chart Feelings chart for ELSA work 3/12/2018 7:37:27 PM
I made a difference chart I made a difference starfish chart for ELSA support 3/12/2018 7:43:18 PM
Anxiety Chart My Anxiety Chart - support children to recognise what happens to their bodies when they feel anxious and strategies to use to deal with this emotion 3/12/2018 7:57:41 PM
My Boredom Chart A boredom chart to support children to recognise what boredom feels like and how to deal with it effectively 3/12/2018 8:15:31 PM
20 emotion cards activities 20 different activities you can do with emotion cards 3/12/2018 8:20:47 PM
Calm down book Create a calm down book with children to support them when they feel angry 3/12/2018 8:25:35 PM
Emotion worksheet Circle the emotions you are feeling now 3/12/2018 8:35:51 PM
Emotion Strips Emotion strips to support children to identify their feelings particularly if non-verbal 3/12/2018 8:49:40 PM
Emotion Scale Scale to help children identify different levels of an emotion (angry/fed up/sad/excited) 3/12/2018 8:59:14 PM
Feelings Bingo Feelings Bingo game 3/12/2018 9:02:39 PM
Happy and Sad facial expressions Draw a happy and sad face (with Widgit symbols) 3/12/2018 9:10:28 PM
How do I feel? How do I feel? An interactive feelings game 3/12/2018 9:14:57 PM
Recognising Feelings powerpoint Recognising feelings quiz 3/12/2018 9:34:09 PM
Minion emotions Minion characters with different emotions 3/12/2018 9:40:36 PM
Secret body language game Intonation and Word-stress exercise 3/12/2018 9:44:59 PM
Smartie Emotion Game Pick a different coloured smartie and say a time you felt that emotion 3/12/2018 9:48:55 PM
Superhero Emotion Fan Superheroes fan with different emotions 3/12/2018 9:52:23 PM
A life in your hands poem 3/12/2018 10:02:00 PM
Clet the dolphin story A story about family 3/12/2018 10:05:48 PM
Judge me not poem Judge me not poem - useful for a PSHE circle time/discussion 3/12/2018 10:09:02 PM
Life is a box of chocolates poster 3/12/2018 10:11:31 PM
Looking after a new baby powerpoint 3/12/2018 10:14:08 PM
Odd socks powerpoint A story about being different 3/12/2018 10:16:48 PM
The Boy and the Starfish A story about a boy and a starfish - What can you do to make a difference? 3/12/2018 10:20:22 PM
The Kindness Tree Teach children how to be kind by creating a kindness tree 3/12/2018 10:26:57 PM
Thinking it through short stories 2 3/12/2018 10:36:03 PM
Situation cards Discuss different situations with children to teach them empathy 3/13/2018 3:00:24 PM
Exploring Anger Book Exploring anger book for children to colour and add to 3/13/2018 3:06:18 PM
Feelings Booklet for KS1 Explore different emotions with this visual booklet, most suitable for KS1 3/13/2018 3:13:58 PM
Feelings Booklet Template Children can create their own booklet about how they feel 3/13/2018 3:18:37 PM
I am feeling powerpoint I am feeling powerpoint to support the feelings booklet activity 3/13/2018 4:26:33 PM
Exploring Guilt Book Children can create their own book about feeling guilt 3/13/2018 4:39:01 PM
Exploring Jealousy Book Explore feeling jealous with children and create their own books 3/13/2018 4:59:46 PM
I can feel booklet idea Children can create their own feelings booklet 3/13/2018 5:12:00 PM
Dealing with loneliness book Children can create their own book to deal with loneliness 3/13/2018 5:54:44 PM
Friendship activities 3/13/2018 7:38:54 PM
Qualities of a good friend worksheet Rainbow fish template - children write on the scales the different qualities of a good friend 3/13/2018 7:45:05 PM
Circle of friends handout Circle of friends advice from The National Autistic Society 3/13/2018 7:48:34 PM
Friendship games List of different friendship games suitable for different ages 3/13/2018 7:56:37 PM
Getting to know you games Some game ideas to help children get to know each other 3/13/2018 8:26:57 PM
Friendship Skills Assessment Children can assess their friendship skills with this assessment (with Widgit symbols) 3/13/2018 8:36:40 PM
Friendship play Script for a friendship play 3/13/2018 8:42:14 PM
Friendship Tree Friendship Tree example and template 3/13/2018 8:45:59 PM
The Value of Friends Powerpoint on the value of friends 3/13/2018 8:49:27 PM
Friendship powerpoint What makes a good friend? 3/13/2018 9:13:51 PM
Friendship game Break the ice by using this 'find someone who...' game 3/13/2018 9:17:02 PM
How to make a new friend 3/13/2018 9:20:51 PM
Friendship Friendship assembly 3/13/2018 9:27:48 PM
Coloured coded feelings fan Feelings fan - Used to support children to identify and express how they are feeling 3/14/2018 2:18:22 PM
Emotional Literacy word bank powerpoint Word bank to support emotional literacy 3/14/2018 2:24:51 PM
Emotion Widgit signs for room Emotion cards ideal for a feelings board 3/14/2018 2:30:27 PM
My Silliness Chart Children create their own silliness chart with this sheet 3/14/2018 2:36:37 PM
Anger Triggers Chart Children create their own anger chart and identify different levels of anger 3/14/2018 2:47:58 PM
The Marshmallow Test The Marshmallow Test - teaches children self-control 3/14/2018 2:54:07 PM
Words for good feelings wheel Word wheel - different words for good feelings 3/14/2018 3:10:54 PM
Happiness poems 2 x poems for happiness 3/14/2018 3:55:54 PM
Feeling Happy session Session on feeling happy and writing a group happy poem 3/14/2018 4:05:24 PM
Feeling Happy powerpoint Feeling happy powerpoint to support feeling happy session 3/14/2018 4:14:02 PM
Good Manners Widgit Book Book to teach children good manners with Widgit symbols 3/14/2018 6:57:17 PM
Depression Powerpoint about depression 3/14/2018 7:07:47 PM
I choose to be positive poster Positive affirmations poster 3/14/2018 7:46:37 PM
I am special book Children can create their own 'I am special' book 3/14/2018 7:49:11 PM
Rainbow template Use the rainbow template with children to write what they are good at. Useful activity to build children's self-esteem 3/14/2018 8:29:33 PM
Self-esteem activities List of different activities to work on building children's self-esteem 3/14/2018 8:46:36 PM
Self-esteem activities for children aged 5-7 Self-esteem games and activities for children aged 5-7 3/14/2018 8:49:46 PM
Self-esteem Questionnaire Assess children's self-esteem with this scale 3/14/2018 8:52:49 PM
Sensory play Book with different sensory activities for children 3/14/2018 9:00:36 PM
Stress Buster How to deal with stress 3/14/2018 9:05:50 PM
Worry balloons Lesson on using worry balloons to let go of any worries you have 3/14/2018 9:08:23 PM
Worry Powerpoint discussing worry 3/14/2018 9:10:59 PM
Worry wheel - physical effects of my anxiety Visual resource for children 3/14/2018 9:22:29 PM
Worry Tree Poster on how to deal with worry 3/14/2018 9:26:56 PM
Worry wheel - why am I feeling anxious Worry wheel to support children with anxiety 3/14/2018 9:30:07 PM
Worry wheel - how to manage your anxiety Worry wheel to support children with ways to manage their anxiety 3/14/2018 9:33:22 PM
Worry wheel - social effects of my anxiety The social effects of your anxiety 3/14/2018 9:43:36 PM
Friendship lesson Friendship lesson based around the story of 'Charlotte's web' 3/15/2018 8:08:21 PM
Friendship lesson - Introduction Introduction lesson to friendship - To learn what qualities make a good friend. 3/15/2018 8:21:44 PM
Friendship Lesson 2 Friendship lesson 2 on trust 3/15/2018 8:59:31 PM
Friendship group - Lessons 3 and 4 Lessons 3 and 4 on controlling your anger 3/15/2018 9:02:43 PM
Friendship Group - Lesson 5 and 6 Lesson 5 and 6 - How to control your anger 3/15/2018 9:08:34 PM
Friendship group - Lesson 7 and 8 Lesson 7 and 8 - controlling your anger 3/15/2018 9:12:08 PM
Friendship group - Lesson 9 and 10 Lesson 9 and 10 on how big is the problem and strategies to deal with them 3/15/2018 9:15:24 PM
Friendship Lesson - 10 and 11 Lesson on being a Frenemy 3/15/2018 9:18:58 PM
Friendship Lesson - 13 and 14 Lesson on Friend or Frenemy? 3/15/2018 9:21:59 PM
Friendship Web Friendship web - write what qualities make a good friend on the web 3/15/2018 9:34:27 PM
Gratitude Stones Gratitude Stones Activity 3/15/2018 9:37:55 PM
Gratitude Tree Gratitude tree painting activity 3/15/2018 9:47:21 PM
Growth Mindset Powerpoint on developing a growth mindset 3/15/2018 9:53:03 PM
Developing a growth mindset activity Developing a growth mindset - penguin origami activity 3/15/2018 9:56:58 PM
Growth Mindset VS Fixed Mindset Powerpoint to support lesson on growth mindset vs fixed mindset 3/16/2018 7:08:43 AM
I believe in a selfie sheet Children create their own selfie - promotes a positive self-image 3/16/2018 7:11:33 AM
Learning Style Questionnaire Questionnaire to find out children's preferred learning style 3/16/2018 7:14:22 AM
Learning Styles powerpoint Find out what learning styles the children prefer with this powerpoint 3/16/2018 7:17:32 AM
Growth Mindset lesson Lesson on discussing growth and fixed mindsets 3/17/2018 2:16:59 PM
Growth Mindset - Brain and learning Lesson on developing a Growth Mindset 3/17/2018 2:19:37 PM
How does your brain work? Powerpoint on how your brain works - Growth Mindset 3/17/2018 2:27:32 PM
Positive Thinking Lesson 1 on positive thinking - powerpoint 3/17/2018 2:34:26 PM
Positive Affirmation Poster Poster 3/17/2018 2:57:42 PM
Lesson 2 - Negative Self Talk Powerpoint on negative self talk 3/17/2018 3:00:41 PM
Positive Quotes Collection of positive quotes that can be enlarged for poster use 3/17/2018 3:06:33 PM
Positive Self Talk Flowers Children write on their good qualities and strengths onto the petals 3/17/2018 3:12:09 PM
Positivity Chart Children create a positive chart about what they are good at/enjoy 3/17/2018 3:17:17 PM
Using my mental filter Teach children things that are OK to say and things they should keep to themselves 3/17/2018 3:19:39 PM
Auditory learners - how they learn poster Poster to say how auditory learners learn best and what distracts them 3/18/2018 10:47:23 AM
Kinaesthetic Learners Poster Poster on how Kinaesthetic learners learn best and what distracts them 3/18/2018 10:54:44 AM
Visual Learners Poster Poster on how visual learners learn best and what distracts them 3/18/2018 10:59:37 AM
VAK Questionnaire VAK Learning Styles Questionnaire for year 6 3/18/2018 11:02:02 AM
VAK Test Assess how children learn best, what their preferred learning styles are and what helps them to learn in the classroom 3/18/2018 11:06:53 AM
VAK Test - printable Print out this VAK test for children to complete 3/18/2018 11:09:24 AM
Inside Out Personality Islands Inside Out themed personality islands activity 3/18/2018 11:23:45 AM
Imagination Posters Children write their thoughts and feelings about changing class/teacher next year 3/18/2018 11:26:25 AM
Inside Out Hats Activity creating Inside Out themed hats 3/18/2018 11:30:59 AM
E-Safety Lesson Powerpoint on E-Safety 3/18/2018 11:33:41 AM
ICT Lesson activity Activity resources to support lesson on ICT safety 3/18/2018 11:45:50 AM
ICT safety card sort What is safe to do and what isn't on the Internet? Children sort cards into two piles (safe/not safe) 3/18/2018 11:48:45 AM
Lesson plan on 'Keeping myself safe' ICT, PSHE and Citizenship planning on rules and ways for keeping safe. 3/18/2018 11:53:14 AM
Surf Safe Poster A5 Surf Safe poster templates to create with children on being safe on the Internet 3/18/2018 11:58:27 AM
Lesson Plan on being safe on the Internet 3/18/2018 12:02:52 PM
Kind Hands Powerpoint teaching children how to be kind 3/18/2018 12:08:55 PM
Kindness Activities List of 50 different activities you can do with children to teach them about kindness 3/18/2018 12:18:22 PM
Kind legs and feet Powerpoint to teach children how to use kind legs and feet 3/18/2018 12:21:25 PM
Life Story Work - Identity game Life Story work - What makes up the child's identity? 3/18/2018 12:30:19 PM
My Life Journey Children create their own life journeys 3/18/2018 12:34:03 PM
My Life Story Journey Life Journey Activity - children record different events that have happened in their lives and what age they were 3/18/2018 12:37:10 PM
Life Story Template Support children to create a life story to prepare them for adoption. Can be adapted to use for children in nurture groups or in foster care to support them in understanding their life journey/events in their lives 3/18/2018 12:40:29 PM
Parent Nurture Group Evaluation Parent Evaluation Sheet - gain the parent's view of how nurture is working for their child and helping them with their emotional regulation and behaviour 3/18/2018 12:51:45 PM
Pupil Nurture Group Evaluation Evaluation form for pupil's to share their views on the nurture group and whether it helps them 3/18/2018 12:54:56 PM
Teacher Nurture Group Evaluation Evaluation form for teachers with children (from their class) who attend a nurture group 3/18/2018 12:57:40 PM
Nurture Group Policy Policy I created for my nurture group on how we run, what a nurture group is/principles of nurture 3/18/2018 1:10:34 PM
Nurture Group activities Activities to Promote Personal, Social and Emotional Development. The following activities have been planned following analysis of Boxall Profile data last term. They are designed to enable the children to overcome difficulties as outlined in the Boxall Profile. These activities will benefit all children in Rainbow, but are particularly important for those named in the grid. 3/18/2018 1:13:22 PM
Nurture Groups - a briefing from the Nurture Groups Network Information on nurture groups 3/18/2018 1:24:47 PM
Developing a Nurturing School Powerpoint on how to develop a nurturing school 3/18/2018 1:27:47 PM
Nurture Group Assistant Job Specification Nurture Group Teaching Assistant Person Specification 3/18/2018 1:30:56 PM
Nature or Nurture? Nature or Nurture discussion on powerpoint 3/18/2018 1:33:49 PM
Nurture Groups Lancaster Report NURTURE GROUPS IN PRACTICE: CHILDREN; CLASSES; SCHOOLS Final report of Comparative study of nurture groups and alternative provisions for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties Commissioned by NGN 3/18/2018 1:37:27 PM
Nurture Group Research powerpoint Research workshop - helping children to succeed by Edurne Scott Loinaz, BA, MA (Ed) 3/18/2018 1:53:25 PM
Nurture Research and Information General information on nurture groups 3/18/2018 1:56:53 PM
Nurture Group Information from the NGN Nurture Information provided by the Nurture Group Network 3/18/2018 2:16:42 PM
Nurture Portrait by the Nurture Group Network Nurture Portrait 2015/16 - A snapshot of the social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in pupils throughout the UK 3/18/2018 7:50:09 PM
Ofsted Report Summary on Nurture Groups Report summary - Supporting children with challenging behaviour through a nurture group approach 3/18/2018 7:56:09 PM
Ofsted Full Report on the use of Nurture Groups Full report on - Supporting children with challenging behaviour through a nurture group approach 3/18/2018 7:57:19 PM
The six principles of Nurture 3/18/2018 8:00:34 PM
Pupil Information Sheet Information sheet to find out what the children like/dislike and their key information. I use this when new children start in my Nurture group 3/18/2018 8:01:45 PM
Parent consent form for Nurture group Letter that can be sent home to parents of new children joining the nurture group to gain parental consent 3/18/2018 8:03:11 PM
Post-Nurture child interview template I created this short interview template to check up on children who have reintegrated back into class (from the nurture group) on our termly or yearly assessments 3/18/2018 8:05:02 PM
Nurture Group Quality Mark checklist Checklist of evidence for the Boxall Quality Mark Award (QMA) 3/18/2018 8:08:56 PM
Nurture Group Reintegration Form Readiness scale for reintegrating children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties into mainstream classrooms 3/18/2018 8:11:33 PM
ABCC Forms Guidelines to recording incidents in the format of an ABCC 3/18/2018 8:23:04 PM
Nurture Group and Class Agreement Form for new children joining the Nurture group - An Understanding between Class teacher and Nurture Group staff 3/18/2018 8:24:56 PM
Nurture Group Planning Sheet Intervention/Nurture Group Planning Sheet for ‘Raising Access, Participation and Achievement’ 3/18/2018 8:34:30 PM
Nurture Group Profile Information sheet on how your nurture group runs, what children attend, a child's information sheet and a tracking sheet 3/18/2018 8:37:36 PM
Paralympics School Day Lesson Plan A Fairy Tale - Value: Respect and acceptance of individual differences Activity: Class discussion about inclusion 3/18/2018 8:39:58 PM
Paralympics School Day - Activity Card 11 Accessibility - Value: Respect and acceptance of individual differences Activity: Discovering the school's accessibility 3/18/2018 8:44:04 PM
Disability in Sport Powerpoint on disability in sports 3/18/2018 9:04:18 PM
Paralympics School Day - Activity Card 10 Lesson plan on Equipment Value: Respect and acceptance of individual differences Activity: Obstacle course - how to use adapted equipment 3/18/2018 9:05:17 PM
Paralympics School Day - Activity Card 15 Paralympic Games - Value: Sport as a human right Activity: Video presentation and discussion on the Paralympics 3/18/2018 9:06:06 PM
Paralympics Games Slideshow 3/18/2018 9:06:57 PM
Paralympics School Day - Activity Card 9 Photo Game - Value: Respect and acceptance of individual differences Activity: Experiencing similarities and differences 3/18/2018 9:07:49 PM
Paralympics School Day - Activity Card 19 Art Value: Empowerment and social support in sport. Activity: Reflecting through art 3/18/2018 9:08:20 PM
Paralympics School Day - Activity Card 5 Wheelchair Basketball - Value: Respect for sporting achievement Activity: Practicing Wheelchair Basketball skills 3/18/2018 9:11:18 PM
Jungle Animal Yoga Poses Different jungle animal poses to do in Yoga 3/18/2018 9:12:48 PM
Mindful breathing Tips for relaxation using mindful breathing 3/18/2018 9:13:56 PM
Chill Skills List of different relaxation activities you can do with children 3/18/2018 9:14:41 PM
Progressive relaxation Progressive relaxation - Adjusting for Life: Stress Management 3/18/2018 9:15:37 PM
Going for goals workbook Children can set their own goals and challenges with this editable and printable workbook 3/18/2018 9:17:12 PM
SEAL Targets for change SEAL Targets for dealing with change (across the year groups Nursery - year 6) 3/18/2018 9:18:11 PM
SEAL Targets for getting on and falling out SEAL Targets for dealing with getting on and falling out (across the year groups Nursery - year 6) 3/18/2018 9:18:48 PM
SEAL Targets for going for goals SEAL Targets for going for goals (across the year groups Nursery - year 6) 3/18/2018 9:20:09 PM
SEAL Targets for good to be me SEAL Targets for good to be me (across the year groups Nursery - year 6) 3/18/2018 9:20:44 PM
SEAL Targets for new beginnings SEAL Targets for new beginnings (across the year groups Nursery - year 6) 3/18/2018 9:22:37 PM
SEAL Targets for relationships SEAL Targets for relationships (across the year groups Nursery - year 6) 3/18/2018 9:23:18 PM
SEAL Targets for saying no to bullying SEAL Targets for saying no to bullying (across the year groups Nursery - year 6) 3/18/2018 9:24:08 PM
My goals My goal sheet to set targets and challenges 3/18/2018 9:25:40 PM
Self-esteem bottles Activity - children write five positives in the bottle and two things they would like to improve on in the other bottle 3/18/2018 9:27:20 PM
Self-esteem worksheets Activity to support children in building their self-esteem 3/18/2018 9:28:19 PM
My Sense of Self Body Image and Self-Esteem Lesson From The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign 3/18/2018 9:30:56 PM
How to make a simple Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope activity 3/18/2018 9:32:52 PM
Sensory bags How to make sensory bags for babies, toddlers and beyond 3/18/2018 9:33:45 PM
Sensory tray and activities Ideas on different sensory trays and activities 3/18/2018 9:34:32 PM
Sensory Trays More sensory tray ideas 3/18/2018 9:35:25 PM
Nurture Group Snack Time Mat Snack time mat 3/18/2018 9:36:29 PM
Conversation starters Conversation starter cards good for developing social skills 3/18/2018 9:38:05 PM
A new classroom - Social Story Use this social story to support a child changing classes 3/18/2018 9:39:10 PM
Calming down - Social Story 3/18/2018 9:40:00 PM
Changes powerpoint Support children in dealing with changes 3/18/2018 9:40:48 PM
Going to the toilet Social Story 3/18/2018 9:43:52 PM
Hands can... powerpoint What you can do with your hands - social skills 3/18/2018 9:45:32 PM
It's too loud Social Story 3/18/2018 9:46:03 PM
Keeping clothes on Social Story 3/18/2018 9:46:46 PM
Kind Feet Social Story 3/18/2018 9:47:27 PM
Kind Hands Social Story 3/18/2018 9:47:59 PM
My Learning Support Assistant is leaving Social Story 3/18/2018 9:48:36 PM
My relationships Teach children what a relationship is/different types of relationships 3/18/2018 9:49:26 PM
Quiet Voice Social Story 3/18/2018 9:50:21 PM
Mouth Social Story Social Story to help children learn what is appropriate to do with their mouths (useful to help children who spit or bite) 3/18/2018 9:51:27 PM
Swearing Social Story 3/18/2018 9:52:20 PM
Taking Turns Social Story 3/18/2018 9:53:17 PM
When I feel angry Social Story 3/18/2018 9:54:04 PM
Breaking Stereotypes Lesson plan on breaking stereotypes 3/18/2018 9:55:31 PM
Gender Stereotyping Powerpoint Use of Disney films to discuss gender stereotyping 3/18/2018 9:56:39 PM
My Self-Care Plan Teach children about their body using the My self-care plan 12/13/2019 3:52:12 PM
What I love about my body Worksheet on what they love about their body 3/18/2018 10:00:29 PM
Space to be safe activity 3/18/2018 10:01:52 PM
Space to be safe activity 1 3/18/2018 10:02:36 PM
Young Runaways lesson 2: Space to be safe 3/18/2018 10:03:55 PM
Blind Count Off! Team building games 3/18/2018 10:05:00 PM
Personal Space Games 3/18/2018 10:05:32 PM
Team Building Games List of team building games 3/18/2018 10:06:07 PM
My Dad is going to war - Therapeutic Story Story to support the Therapeutic Story writing intervention 3/18/2018 10:07:11 PM
Guidelines for Therapeutic Story writing 3/18/2018 10:07:55 PM
Story Openers Story Openers for Therapeutic Story Writing 3/18/2018 10:09:27 PM
Story Starters Story starters for Therapeutic Story Writing 3/18/2018 10:10:20 PM
Therapeutic Story Information 3/18/2018 10:10:56 PM
Therapeutic Story Prompts Therapeutic Story Prompts: Ideas for Creating Your Own Therapeutic Stories 3/18/2018 10:11:37 PM
Therapeutic Story Writing Starters 3/18/2018 10:13:25 PM
Writing Stories with Feeling Writing Stories with Feeling - An evaluation of the impact of Therapeutic Storywriting groups on pupils’ learning Pilot 3/18/2018 10:14:13 PM
Changes Checklist Support children with the transition into a new class 3/19/2018 2:02:05 PM
Transition Activities Activities to support children with transition 3/19/2018 2:12:19 PM
Changing Class - Transition Social Story 3/19/2018 2:13:22 PM
Transitioning activities Information on supporting transition 3/19/2018 2:18:51 PM
Welcome to your new class booklet Children write their favourite memories from their the last year in their class. This can be passed onto new teachers to find out more about new pupils or kept as a memory keepsake for the children 3/19/2018 2:22:17 PM
Blank Transition Book Support children with SEND with this booklet about their new class, new teacher and any changes that will happen in school 3/19/2018 2:25:38 PM
Memory Page Children record their favourite memories of the school year on this template 3/19/2018 2:26:53 PM
Memory portrait page 3/19/2018 2:28:10 PM
Shield Template Editable shield template - children can create their own personal shields describing their strengths and good qualities 3/19/2018 2:29:29 PM
Visual Timetable Support children with the days of the week and what is happening in class with this visual timetable 3/19/2018 2:33:48 PM
Voice control poster Voice control visual support/reminder 3/19/2018 2:34:31 PM
Individual work station Advice and visual support on how to set up a work station for children with ASD 3/19/2018 2:35:39 PM
50 Tips for Managing ADD/ADHD in the Classroom Advice and information on how to support pupils with ADD/ADHD within the classroom 3/19/2018 2:40:44 PM
ADD/ADHD Information on Social Skills 3/19/2018 2:41:36 PM
ADHD Initial Checklist 3/19/2018 2:42:16 PM
ADHD Powerpoint Information about ADHD 3/19/2018 2:43:11 PM
First and Then Chart Support children with ASD to complete tasks and with transition 3/19/2018 2:43:54 PM
Management of ADHD Management of ADHD - From a parent/carer point of view. 3/19/2018 2:44:31 PM
Teaching Tips for supporting pupils with ADD/ADHD Teaching students with ADD/ADHD 3/19/2018 2:45:14 PM
The ADHD Toolkit Assessment 3/19/2018 2:46:03 PM
Finish symbol Finish symbol for workstations 3/19/2018 2:47:19 PM
Get back to the safe zone Visual support for how to behave safely and calmly 3/19/2018 2:48:08 PM
Stay Safe Social Story Lightning McQueen stay safe story 3/19/2018 2:48:58 PM
Schedule cards Cards to use for a schedule or visual timetable/keyring 3/19/2018 2:49:53 PM
Schedule cards (medium sized) Visual cards to use for schedules and visual timetables 3/19/2018 2:50:45 PM
Work station record Record to show whether children are meeting their workstation targets and completing their tasks 3/19/2018 2:51:45 PM
Asperger Syndrome Information Letter 3/19/2018 2:52:41 PM
10 Top Tips when working with pupils with Asperger's Syndrome 3/19/2018 2:53:30 PM
ASD Initial Checklist 3/19/2018 2:54:03 PM
ASD Mind map Visual mind map of the difficulties pupils with ASD face 3/19/2018 2:55:54 PM
ASD Umbrella 3/19/2018 2:56:24 PM
ASD Visual adjective worksheet Autism Training & Support – Visual Adjective Sheet 3/19/2018 2:57:10 PM
Including children with Autism Powerpoint on supporting inclusion for children with Autism 3/19/2018 2:58:10 PM
Relaxation advice for the Autistic child Relaxation and the Autistic Child 3/19/2018 2:58:46 PM
Autism Sentence Pyramid Visual teaching aid for sentence construction 3/19/2018 2:59:26 PM
Autism Spectrum Disorder - A resource pack for school staff 3/19/2018 3:00:18 PM
ASD Triad of Impairment Information on ASD 3/19/2018 3:01:08 PM
Autism Visual Sequence Card First, then, now, next - four sequence of activities 3/19/2018 3:02:21 PM
ASD Comic Strip conversations Comic strip conversations information 3/19/2018 3:03:05 PM
Communication Fans Support non-verbal children or children with SEND to communicate effectively with these visual fans 3/19/2018 3:03:56 PM
Inclusion Development Programme Supporting children on the autism spectrum: Guidance for practitioners in the Early Years Foundation Stage 3/19/2018 3:04:54 PM
Mealtime Resource Handbook for parents of children with Autism Resource Handbook for Parents (and professionals) of Young Children with Autism (or autistic-like tendencies) Who Struggle at Mealtimes 3/19/2018 3:05:47 PM
Autism Outcomes Educational provision and outcomes for people on the autism spectrum 3/19/2018 3:09:52 PM
The Autistic pupil in the classroom Information and advice on how to support children with Autism in your classroom 3/19/2018 3:12:18 PM
Colourful Semantics Colourful Semantics Programme- Updated August 2011 with adapted colours 3/19/2018 7:58:12 PM
Colourful Semantics Powerpoint Colourful Semantics Sentence work 3/19/2018 7:59:20 PM
Colourful Semantics Dice - What are they doing? Support for sentence writing 3/19/2018 8:00:13 PM
Colourful Semantics Dice - What (Green card) Sentence writing support 3/19/2018 8:01:00 PM
Colourful Semantics Dice - Where Support for sentence writing 3/19/2018 8:02:05 PM
Colourful Semantics Dice - Who (orange card) Support for sentence writing 3/19/2018 8:02:58 PM
Symbol Vocabulary Board Widget symbols to support language development 3/19/2018 8:03:58 PM
PSHE and Communication - What do I know Visual resource to support a PSHE themed activity 3/19/2018 8:05:15 PM
Dsycalculia Information General information on Dyscalculia 3/19/2018 8:06:11 PM
How to recognise Dyscalculia 3/19/2018 8:06:59 PM
The Dyscalculia Toolkit Games and activities to support a pupil with Dyscalculia 3/19/2018 8:07:49 PM
Screening for Dyslexic adults Checklist for Dyslexia 3/19/2018 8:08:43 PM
Dyslexia Initial Checklist 3/19/2018 8:09:30 PM
Maths Strategies for Dyslexic Pupils 3/19/2018 8:11:32 PM
Dyslexia - strategies and activities to aid memory STRATEGIES FOR ADULTS TO AID MEMORY IN THE CLASSROOM. 3/19/2018 8:12:20 PM
Music and Dyslexia 3/19/2018 8:13:08 PM
One minute reading test to assess Dyslexia 3/19/2018 8:13:49 PM
Classroom strategies to support children with Dyslexia and their memories 3/19/2018 8:14:35 PM
Rainbow Alphabet Mats Visual support for learning the correct formation in handwriting 3/19/2018 8:15:36 PM
The Communcation Trust Sentence Trouble Information on communication needs 3/19/2018 8:16:51 PM
Writing classroom strategies for children with Dyslexia 3/19/2018 8:17:27 PM
Dyspraxia Initial Checklist 3/19/2018 8:18:16 PM
Maths P Scales planning MATHS: 2D and 3D Shape 3/19/2018 8:20:09 PM
Maths P Scales Capacity planning P4-P8 planning 3/19/2018 8:21:06 PM
Maths P Scales Planning - Counting and understanding number Counting and Understanding Number P4 – P8 3/19/2018 8:22:00 PM
Maths P Scales Handling Data planning P scales p4-p8 planning 3/19/2018 8:22:55 PM
Maths P Scales Length planning Length planning p4-p8 3/19/2018 8:23:37 PM
Maths P Scales Mass planning 3/19/2018 8:24:19 PM
Maths Key Stage 1 Special Needs Planning overview P 1 - p 8 planning 3/19/2018 8:25:29 PM
Maths P Scales Money planning 3/19/2018 8:25:54 PM
Maths P Scales Symmetry planning 3/19/2018 8:26:29 PM
Maths P Scales Time planning 3/19/2018 8:28:30 PM
MLD Checklist 3/19/2018 8:28:56 PM
Fine Motor Skills in children with Downs syndrome - Information Sheet. 3/19/2018 8:30:55 PM
Fizzy’s Training Games: Balance Level One - A programme complied by Occupational and Physiotherapists. Advice for parents, carers and education staff. 3/19/2018 8:31:52 PM
Fizzy’s Training Games: Ball Skills Level One - A programme complied by Occupational and Physiotherapists. Advice for parents, carers and education staff. 3/19/2018 8:32:40 PM
Fizzy’s Training Games: Clever Hands Level One - A programme complied by Occupational and Physiotherapists. Advice for parents, carers and education staff. 3/19/2018 8:33:37 PM
Fizzy’s Training Games: Clever Hands Level 2 Level Two - A programme complied by Occupational and Physiotherapists. Advice for parents, carers and education staff. 3/19/2018 8:34:35 PM
Fizzy’s Training Games: Clever Hands Level 3 Level Three - A programme complied by Occupational and Physiotherapists. 3/19/2018 8:35:47 PM
Weaving with lolly sticks Relaxation activity which promotes fine motor skills 3/19/2018 8:37:06 PM
Ways to nurture creativity Activities and ideas to nurture children being creative 3/19/2018 8:37:52 PM
3 positive things Lesson on recognising the different good qualities you have. 3/19/2018 8:38:52 PM
Mentoring Activities Different mentoring activities and ideas 3/19/2018 8:39:34 PM
Study, Stress and Music What is the impact of background music on learning? 3/19/2018 8:40:25 PM
OCD - A Guide for Young Children Information and advice on OCD in young children 3/19/2018 8:41:32 PM
Strategies for children with OCD Home Management Strategies for OCD 3/19/2018 8:42:17 PM
ODD and CD Initial Checklist 3/19/2018 8:43:16 PM
Blank Tiles Blank tiles to support learning spellings 3/19/2018 8:44:06 PM
Handa's Surprise Workbook 3/19/2018 8:44:55 PM
Three Little Pigs Sequencing Activity Picture story cards to sequence 3/19/2018 8:45:44 PM
Three Little Pigs Whoosh Cards Early Years English - Support and resources for young English language learners 3/19/2018 8:46:29 PM
Three Little Pigs Whoosh Template Early Years English - Support and resources for young English language learners 3/19/2018 8:47:09 PM
Tiny Seed Sensory Script Based on Eric Carle’s The Tiny Seed – Sing to the tune of 5 current buns 3/19/2018 8:47:55 PM
Sensory Processing Information Sensory Processing Workshop delivered by Anita Bradshaw, M.Ed 3/19/2018 8:49:03 PM
Speech and Language Difficulties A GUIDE TO SPEECH AND LANGUAGE DIFFICULTIES By LDA Author Jane Speake 3/19/2018 8:50:09 PM
Make your own communication book A simple template; suitable for use in Early Years classrooms. 3/19/2018 8:50:38 PM
How to Create a Communication Friendly Classroom Guide on - How to Create a Communication Friendly Classroom 3/19/2018 8:51:21 PM
Specific Learning Difficulties SpLD Resources Booklet 3/19/2018 8:51:57 PM
Three word descriptions: a speech and language activity 3/19/2018 8:52:54 PM
Working with deaf children Information on supporting deaf children 3/19/2018 8:54:53 PM
Weather Chart (sign language) Days and weather cards in sign langauge 3/19/2018 8:55:52 PM
Makaton Symbols and Line Drawings of Signs The Beach 3/19/2018 8:56:40 PM
Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat Makaton Story 3/19/2018 8:57:10 PM
Old McDonald Makaton Story 3/19/2018 8:57:42 PM
The First Christmas Story in Makaton 3/19/2018 8:59:37 PM
Harvest Festival Makaton Symbols and Signs 3/19/2018 9:00:06 PM
Halloween Makaton Symbols and Signs 3/19/2018 9:00:32 PM
Makaton Symbols and Line Drawings of Signs Going Back to School 3/19/2018 9:00:58 PM
Christmas Makaton Symbols and Signs 3/19/2018 9:01:23 PM
Bonfire Night Makaton Symbols and Signs 3/19/2018 9:01:47 PM
How many butterflies? Counting activity with widget symbols 3/19/2018 9:02:51 PM
Circle the zoo animals 3/19/2018 9:03:32 PM
Krishna Birthday Poster Widget symbols poster 3/19/2018 9:04:19 PM
Madagascar Activities 3/19/2018 9:04:56 PM
Madagascar Books 3/19/2018 9:05:26 PM
Madagascar Colouring Book 3/19/2018 9:06:06 PM
Talk like a pirate day - poem 3/19/2018 9:06:44 PM
Rhyme Activity Sheet 3/19/2018 9:07:15 PM
Tiger who came to tea widget cards Vocabulary flash cards Set 1 - symbols and text to support the book 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr 3/19/2018 9:08:20 PM
A Dark, Dark Tale Story Powerpoint of the story with Widget symbols to support children with SEND 3/19/2018 9:12:46 PM
Cat character profile Lesson resources for 'A Dark, Dark Tale' Story 3/19/2018 9:13:53 PM
Character webs Worksheet to use for character webs 3/19/2018 9:14:34 PM
A Dark, Dark Tale writing frame symbols 3/19/2018 9:15:08 PM
A Dark, Dark Tale writing frame 3/19/2018 9:15:40 PM
A Dark, Dark Tale Story lotto board 3/19/2018 9:16:06 PM
Describe a setting sheet A Dark, Dark Tale Story setting sheet 3/19/2018 9:16:51 PM
5 Senses visual cards 3/19/2018 9:17:28 PM
A Dark, Dark Tale Story - favourite part Draw your favourite part of the story. 3/19/2018 9:18:05 PM
A Dark, Dark Tale Story Sequencing Pictures 3/19/2018 9:18:46 PM
A Dark, Dark Tale Story - spelling strips Story pictures with blank spelling tiles 3/19/2018 9:19:21 PM
A Dark, Dark Tale Story - Inside the box... What do you think was inside the, dark box? Draw and write what you think! 3/19/2018 9:20:00 PM
A Dark, Dark Tale Story - discussion and writing activity What would you ask the mouse? 3/19/2018 9:20:53 PM
All about me workbook boy workbook 3/19/2018 9:21:44 PM
All about me workbook boy workbook 2 3/19/2018 9:22:15 PM
All about me workbook girl workbook 3/19/2018 9:22:35 PM
All about me workbook girl workbook 2 3/19/2018 9:22:53 PM
Alphabet Cards 3/19/2018 9:23:35 PM
Alphabet Matching Cards Matching lower to upper case 3/19/2018 9:24:14 PM
Alphabet Loop Game 3/19/2018 9:24:55 PM
Consonant Clusters game 3/19/2018 9:25:26 PM
CVC Loop Cards Game 3/19/2018 9:26:12 PM
Digraphs Cards 3/19/2018 9:28:05 PM
End Sounds Lotto Game 3/19/2018 9:28:50 PM
Initial Sounds Loop Cards 3/19/2018 9:31:06 PM
Initial Sounds Game 3/19/2018 9:31:52 PM
Magnetic Letters Activities 3/19/2018 9:32:26 PM
Mini Animal Alphabet and Phonics Cards 3/19/2018 9:33:25 PM
Mini Photo Alphabet Cards 3/19/2018 9:34:00 PM
Rainbow Alphabet 3/19/2018 9:34:35 PM
My Alphabet Mat 3/19/2018 9:35:14 PM
What's in the box? Game 3/19/2018 9:35:45 PM
Key word reading lotto game 3/19/2018 9:36:43 PM
Key word reading lotto game 2 3/19/2018 9:37:15 PM
Key word reading lotto game 3 3/19/2018 9:37:35 PM
Key word reading lotto game 4 3/19/2018 9:37:57 PM
Key word reading lotto game 5 3/19/2018 9:38:17 PM
Key word reading lotto game 6 3/19/2018 9:38:34 PM
Sentence strips 3/19/2018 9:39:03 PM
Comic Strip Conversations - Dictionary 3/19/2018 9:39:51 PM
Comic Strip Conversations - Powerpoint Information on using comic strip conversations 3/19/2018 9:40:41 PM
I want... Literacy starter 3/19/2018 9:41:05 PM
Blank Story Path 3/19/2018 9:41:53 PM
The Tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf Story of LRRH powerpoint 3/19/2018 9:42:38 PM
Traditional Tales - new endings Story writing support 3/19/2018 9:43:11 PM
Traditional Tales - writing lessons 3/19/2018 9:44:03 PM
Identifying features of a traditional tale 3/19/2018 9:44:40 PM
The ‘Not Now, Bernard’ Comic Strip Resource Pack 3/19/2018 9:45:21 PM
Build a monster game Linked to Not Now Bernard Story 3/19/2018 9:46:04 PM
My ‘Not Now Bernard’ Story Workbook 3/19/2018 9:58:47 PM
My ‘Not Now Bernard’ Workbook 3/19/2018 9:59:13 PM
My ‘Not Now Bernard’ Workbook 2 3/19/2018 9:59:41 PM
The Owl and the Pussycat Story Powerpoint story 3/19/2018 10:00:43 PM
The Owl and the Pussycat printable 3/19/2018 10:01:17 PM
The Tunnel Story Telling Poster The Tunnel Story by Anthony Browne 3/19/2018 10:02:52 PM
The Gruffalo character's adjective flash cards 3/19/2018 10:08:59 PM
The Gruffalo reading comprehension (HA) 3/19/2018 10:09:34 PM
The Gruffalo Reading Comprehension (LA) 3/19/2018 10:10:06 PM
Gruffalo Character's feelings and thoughts LO: To write what the mouse is thinking and feeling. 3/19/2018 10:10:53 PM
Grufallo Story Level 1-4 questions 3/19/2018 10:11:51 PM
Julia Donaldson Book activities I can give an opinion about a story. 3/19/2018 10:12:31 PM
The Gruffalo Story Sequencing Powerpoint 3/19/2018 10:13:14 PM
The Gruffalo Story -question activity How many questions can you make using these words? 3/19/2018 10:14:21 PM
Gruffalo description activity What does a Gruffalo look like? 3/19/2018 10:15:10 PM
The Gruffalo - character eating activity What does each animal like to eat? Find out what each animal likes to eat. 3/19/2018 10:16:04 PM
Gruffalo Stories comparison activity What are the differences and similarities between The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child? 3/19/2018 10:17:16 PM
The Gruffalo’s child - character profile 3/19/2018 10:17:57 PM
The Gruffalo’s child - character thinking and feeling sheet The Gruffalo’s child - LO: To write how the Gruffalo’s child felt and what she was thinking. 3/19/2018 10:18:45 PM
The Gruffalo's Child - favourite part Activity identifying your favourite part of the story and why 3/19/2018 10:19:35 PM
The Gruffalo's Child Book Review 3/19/2018 10:20:13 PM
The Gruffalo's Child - Mini book 3/19/2018 10:21:55 PM
The Gruffalo's Child - story pictures 3/19/2018 10:22:38 PM
My Gruffalo Activity MY GRUFFALO My Gruffalo - Next to each picture write a word that describes that part of the GRUFFALO! 3/19/2018 10:23:34 PM
My Gruffalo Widget Book 3/19/2018 10:24:09 PM
Gruffalo's Child Game 3/19/2018 10:24:52 PM
The Gruffalo's Child Song 3/19/2018 10:25:52 PM
Gruffalo Rhyming Activity Rhyming sheet 3/19/2018 10:26:46 PM
Mouse Story Wheel For the Gruffalo story 3/19/2018 10:27:22 PM
The Gruffalo word mat 3/19/2018 10:28:13 PM
The Gruffalo's Child story sequencing 3/19/2018 10:30:17 PM
The Gruffalo's Child - circle the odd one out activity 3/19/2018 10:31:05 PM
The Gruffalo's Child - fill in the missing words activity 3/19/2018 10:31:37 PM
Explanation Writing Scaffold For SEND support 3/19/2018 10:32:46 PM
Formal Letter Scaffold For SEND support 3/19/2018 10:33:18 PM
Informal Letter Scaffold For SEND support 3/19/2018 10:33:42 PM
Instructions Scaffold For SEND support 3/19/2018 10:34:06 PM
Interview Writing Scaffold For SEND support 3/19/2018 10:34:35 PM
Newspaper Report Scaffold For SEND support 3/19/2018 10:35:00 PM
Persuasive Argument Scaffold For SEND support 3/19/2018 10:35:31 PM
Points of view chart scaffold For SEND support 3/19/2018 10:35:54 PM
Poster Scaffold For SEND support 3/19/2018 10:36:17 PM
Recount Writing Scaffold For SEND support 3/19/2018 10:37:14 PM
Story Maker for LA pupils For SEND support 3/19/2018 10:39:29 PM
Story maker For SEND support 3/19/2018 10:39:51 PM
Movie Style Storyboard 3/19/2018 10:40:19 PM
Story Pot Story Mountain Visual resource 3/19/2018 10:41:10 PM
Speech Mark Sandwich Teach children how to use speech marks correctly using this visual activity 3/19/2018 10:42:06 PM
Story Setting Cube Settings Cube 1 - Haunted House.Swimming Pool/Cave/Building Site/School/Theme Park 3/19/2018 10:43:17 PM
Settings Cube 1 Settings Cube 1 - The Park/Outer Space/Fantasy Castle/Prehistoric/Arctic/The Countryside 3/19/2018 10:44:19 PM
Story planner 3/19/2018 10:44:44 PM
Story Pot Display Set Story Pot Posters 3/19/2018 10:45:30 PM
Story Pot Mini Reminder Card 3/19/2018 10:48:32 PM
Story Pot Planner 3/19/2018 10:49:04 PM
Story Spinner 3/19/2018 10:49:49 PM
Story Writing Planning Grid Visual support for pupils with SEND 3/19/2018 10:50:31 PM
Story writing help cards 3/19/2018 10:51:02 PM
Avoid the sharks - fine motor mat Pirate themed fine motor writing mat 3/19/2018 10:52:18 PM
Island Hopping Fine Motor Mat Pirate themed fine motor writing mat 3/19/2018 10:52:51 PM
Walk the plank fine motor mat Pirate themed fine motor writing mat 3/19/2018 10:53:22 PM
Captain Whiskers and the Fishy Tail story activities Pirate themed activities 3/19/2018 10:54:23 PM
Create your own pirate game Editable Pirate board game 3/19/2018 10:55:02 PM
Let’s Look Inside! Story activities Pirate themed story activities 3/19/2018 10:55:34 PM
All about pirates Pirates powerpoint aimed at KS2 3/19/2018 10:56:25 PM
Pirate Map Grid 3/19/2018 10:56:50 PM
Pirate Song Book 3/19/2018 10:57:17 PM
Pirate Speech Bubbles 3/19/2018 10:57:51 PM
Pirate game 3/19/2018 10:58:26 PM
Pirate game (irregular verbs) 3/19/2018 10:59:04 PM
Pirate Vocabulary 3/19/2018 10:59:30 PM
Pirate worksheets 3/19/2018 10:59:56 PM
Pirates ideas sheet 3/19/2018 11:00:33 PM
Pirates Mind Map Story writing mind map - Pirates! 3/19/2018 11:01:03 PM
Pirate’s Win Story activities 3/19/2018 11:01:45 PM
Pirate Scavenger Hunt 3/19/2018 11:02:20 PM
The pirates meet the minibeasts story Pirates Stpry 3/19/2018 11:03:22 PM
The Treasure of Shark’s Tooth Island Story Pirate Story 3/19/2018 11:04:01 PM
Plan a pirate story 3/19/2018 11:04:25 PM
Pirate Story Writing ideas 3/19/2018 11:05:01 PM Great link to a website on creating a life story for children in care, an example of a life story is provided, templates to make your own and useful websites and books to read to support children through this process. Would highly recommend checking it out! 5/16/2019 7:02:35 PM
Count down jars Forces resources 9/30/2019 1:01:36 PM
Count down jars Forces Resources 9/30/2019 1:02:17 PM
Going Away Book Forces Resources 9/30/2019 1:03:35 PM
Make a memory jar Forces Resources 9/30/2019 1:06:00 PM
Memory Box Forces Resources 9/30/2019 1:06:34 PM
Memory Tree Forces Resources 9/30/2019 1:07:43 PM
Separation Paperchain Forces Resources 9/30/2019 1:08:18 PM
Separation Post Box Forces Resources 9/30/2019 1:08:54 PM
Supporting Service Children in England Forces Resources 9/30/2019 1:09:51 PM
Welcome Home Bunting Forces Resources 9/30/2019 1:10:22 PM
Welcome Home Page Forces Resources 9/30/2019 1:10:49 PM
Inside Out Display Inside Out Display inside Nurture room to support children with recognising and exploring different emotions. 10/6/2019 7:42:54 PM
Claude Monet Display Claude Monet lily pad garden display 10/6/2019 7:44:20 PM
Kindness Display Throw Kindness like confetti display 10/6/2019 7:46:14 PM
Home Corner Area Home corner area set up in a nurture room 10/6/2019 7:47:24 PM
Emotions display Emotions display and calm down area to support children in a nurture group when they are sharing their feelings or when they use the area to calm down. 10/6/2019 7:49:06 PM
Home School plan Home school skeleton plan for year 4 child (based around his topics being covered at his school). 4/17/2020 7:54:18 PM
Home School plan week 2 Skeleton plan for week 2 of home school learning, based for a year 4 child 4/17/2020 7:55:07 PM
Poems Silently I pray poem 5/9/2020 6:22:07 PM
Home School Plan week 3 Themed day plan for home school 5/9/2020 6:23:24 PM
Week 4 Home School plan Themed days home school plan 5/9/2020 6:24:01 PM
Week 5 Home School Plan Themed days home school plan 5/9/2020 6:24:30 PM
Week 6 Home School Plan Themed days home school plan 5/9/2020 6:24:58 PM
Nurture room - COVID changes New set up for our nurture room this year following COVID restrictions and our school risk assessment 10/14/2020 7:47:49 PM
Journey Sticks Go on a nature walk and create a journey stick! 1/21/2021 2:26:02 PM
Journey Sticks Go on a nature walk and create a journey stick! 1/21/2021 2:26:03 PM
Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt Go on a mindfulness scavenger hunt around your home or out on a walk. Use your senses to collect things you can see, hear, taste, feel and smell. 1/21/2021 2:28:40 PM
Christmas Recount Simple recount sheet for a child to draw or write what they did over the Christmas holidays. It can be adapted to use for other events. 1/21/2021 2:30:34 PM
Worry Monster If your child struggles with feeling worried, this is a great activity to do to help them deal with this difficult emotion. Create a worry monster then get the child to write their worries on post-it notes/paper and then 'feed' their worries to the monster. 1/21/2021 2:34:23 PM
Picasso Style Art Lesson on creating art in the style of Picasso. 1/21/2021 2:39:27 PM
Nurture Room Lay Out 2021 This is my new set up for the academic school year 2021 - 2022. A nurture room includes the following different areas: home corner/feelings area, role-play area, kitchen/cooking area and work area. I have also shared my displays. 10/20/2021 12:25:31 PM
Nurture Room Set up 2022 Nurture Room lay out and displays 10/24/2022 8:58:17 AM

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